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We are an organic artisanal sourdough micro-bakery located in the heart of Rutherford, NJ.
Our breads are exclusively crafted using high-quality organic flour and grains sourced locally. We take pride in grinding whole wheat, rye, and specialty grains in-house with our stone mill. Each loaf is meticulously handcrafted and hearth-baked, ensuring exceptional quality.
Our commitment to small-scale production naturally limits our output, but it guarantees the superior taste and texture of our breads.

Our sourdough process is both ancient and intuitive, producing one of humankind’s most
fundamental foods. We create our bread with a passion for the true essence of
how food should be made.

How to order

We bake fresh bread on Fridays, and our focaccia is baked on Wednesdays.
We are also happy to accommodate special orders.

Since the process takes over 48 hours, please place your order at least 2 days
before the scheduled bake.

Please order your items below,
or text Yelena to place an order: (917) 386-5020

Pickup location is at 22 W Passaic Ave (across from the Rutherford post office).